Product Description

Ball valve is a valve with locking or control element which has a spherical shape. The movable element (gate) of these valves is the spherical shape tube – a ball with a through round hole along the axis for the passage of the medium. In order to open/close the passageway in pass valves just rotate it by 90 °.

The valve is a type of armature, where locking control element with a form of rotating body or its part can rotate around its own axis. And this axis is arbitrarily positioned with respect to the direction of working medium flow. 

Types of valves:
Distribution valve is a distributor valve for the distribution of the working fluid flow in certain areas.

Cylindrical valve is a plug valve, locking or control element of which has the shape of a cylinder.

Conical valve is a Plug valve (conical valve), the locking or control element of which has the shape of a cone. The through hole in the tube, which is in contrast to the ball valves is generally not circular, but trapezoidal allows the passage of the medium at the opening of the faucet. A saddle is the inner surface of the housing. Sealing surfaces of shut off element are conical surfaces (the outer tube and the inner casing).