Since the founding of the company in 2007 and to present, the company has established a long-term cooperation with the Department of the Kazakhstan project CPPE LLP; South Kazakhstan branch of LLP "Subsidiary of China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Group" (СРЕСС); Kazakhstan branch of the Transport Corporation of China Petroleum Corporation; Kazakhstan regional company of "Chanchen" China National Petroleum Corporation; Department of Kazakh project of China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC); "Asian gas pipeline" LLP (AGP) and other enterprises of China National Petroleum Corporation in Kazakhstan in the area of material procurement, labor force, labor subcontracting, personnel decorations, etc.

Since 2008 till today the annual volume of purchases of material resources for a variety of partner companies in Kazakhstan amounted to more than 17 million US dollars, and in 2009 the company once again issued a permit for carrying out works on the supply of spare parts and services to the oil fields, pipelines, power installations, communications, transportation, fire protection, boilers, equipment for anti-corrosion treatment and various industrial equipment.